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strange paradise ——›—›—›››—›—›—›—›————›—›››—›—›———›—››—››—›—›

"Triangle" is simultaneously lighthearted and cerebral, casual and austere. It finds beauty in rhythm and repetition, and asks the listener to engage with sounds just at the edge of their comfort zone. That it can manage all that without taking itself too seriously is downright brilliant."
—Will Shenton, Thrdcoast

"Like light itself, Tigue’s music is a combination of waves and particles, of percussive strikes and distended drones adding up to either abstractly challenging pop or accessible contemporary classical music, depending on your point of view."
-Richard Gehr, Village Voice

"impressive layers of tumult."
- Seth Colter Walls, New York Times


Peaks —°—°—°—°—°—°—°—°—°—°—°—°°—°°—°—°—°—°°—°°°°—°—°——°—°—°—°—°

"...an imaginative, distinctive, hypnotic yet kinetic blend of indie classical, minimalism, postrock and drone music." 
- New York Music Daily

- NYTimes

"[Peaks is] meant for eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head Whirling Dervish levels of dancing, cut with electroacoustic/white noise interludes that mimic ecstatic exhaustion." 
- Hannis Brown (Q2 Album of the week)

"The members of TIGUE ... freely pick and choose the elements they like most from the different strands of music in which they are steeped."   
- Matt McBane (21CM)

"a pleasing blast of abstract art-rock" 
- Stereogum

"a sonic burst of percussion-based rock shot through with rumbling bass lines and fuzzy guitars"
- DC Music Download