C a r s o n   M o o d y

A Brooklyn based performer; collaborates with a number of multifaceted artists in various fields from pop, to improvisation, to the avant-garde. Carson is a founding member of the music group, TIGUE, with fellow performers and collaborators, Amy Garapic and Matt Evans. The group’s work together has led to exciting opportunities throughout NYC and other areas of the U.S. They will soon release recordings of original materials and the percussive debut of Sleeping Giant composer, Robert Honstein, with his work: An Index of Possibility.

Carson performs with the NYC based “new music dream team” (TimeOutNY), Ensemble Signal. Performances with Signal have ranged from appearances at Lincoln Center Festival 2013, Big Ears 2014 (Knoxville, TN), and the June in Buffalo Festival. Carson also frequently performs and records with the Brooklyn rock band, Ghostpal. Since their early work in July 2011, Ghostpal has released a plethora of singles, covers, one EP, Extended Family (June 2012) one full-length LP, Nathan Jones is Dead (August 2012), and a newly released compilation, This Was Ghostpal (May 2014).

Constantly exploring collaborations in dance as a mover and musician, Carson works with students and professionals all over NYC as well as students at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Carson is a graduate of The Ohio State University and the Eastman School of Music and is excited to join the artists roster with Vic Firth.