this new forest


This New Forest is inspired by ecological speculations fusing nature and machine; translating authentic and imagined biological systems into a musical world that is
and physical.

Booking for
March / April / May 2019
September / October / November 2019


poem by Richard Brautigan


This New Forest offers new original music by Tigue accompanied by two newly commissioned works by composers Elori Kramer and Paula Matthusen.

elori kramer

A new piece exploring the effects of emerging technology on our understanding of the natural world, the individual, and perception. Kramer manipulates percussive instruments using digital production techniques; subverting the instruments traditional sound pallet and creating elegant cybernetic soundscapes.

Paula Matthusen


Scored for three percussionists with retractable ladders, cassette players and percussion instruments, Matthusen's new work investigates the natural distortion of gravity by using instruction based physicality as an obstacle to abstract simple musical tasks.