tigue Projects 2017/18

Tigue is a sometimes-new-music ensemble / sometimes-art-rock band from Brooklyn, NY. 
We present concerts of music by living composers and/or music of our own.


concert programs


The latest collection of dynamic, kinetic and hypnotic compositions by TIGUE

  • TIGUE “Triangle”

  • TIGUE “Contrails”

  • Matt Evans “Quilts”

(60 Minutes)



Four works with drastically different approaches to the sonic possibilities of the percussion trio

  • Robert Honstein “An Index of Possibility” (25 Minutes)

  • Matt Evans “Quilts” (21 Minutes)

  • Jason Treuting "9 Numbers" (15 Minutes

(60 Minutes)

Honstein - an Index of possibility

Commissioned by TIGUE, Smoke and Mirrors, and Sonore Percussion, An Index of Possibility (2012) explores the secret world of sound in everyday objects. Using found sounds, homemade constructions, and cheap toys, Index unlocks a sonic palette exploding with color and variety. Cast in six movements, the music traverses a symphonic expanse, fluidly moving between ambient textures, visceral unisons and muscular virtuosity. A wistful lullaby tune, Repose, begins the piece. A kind of idée fixe, Repose will return two times, framing the three larger movements –Flicker, Flow and Burst. In Flicker piercing hits punctuate a tremulous layer of pulsating metal and wood. Flow begins with a mesmerizing rhythmic ostinato, gradually moving towards a strange and unexpected place as a new melody emerges on the tuned pipes. Long bell-tones signal a change of direction and then a second Repose appears only to be violently interrupted by the clangorous opening hits of Burst. Erupting into a wild torrent of rhythms traversing the full range of the setup, Burst is the work’s focal point. After barreling through Burst the final Repose brings the music to a hushed conclusion. While virtually the same as the opening, this last Repose feels somehow transformed, touched by the long journey of An Index of Possibility. (Robert Honstein)

treuting - 9 numbers

Composer/performer/improviser Jason Treuting enjoys making pieces that translate numbers and letters into patterns of sound. In this commissioned piece for TIGUE, Treuting squeezes a multitude of processes from a single sudoku puzzle crafting a three movement work for a tiny band of electric bass, toy piano and snare drum. (Matt Evans 2017)

evans - quilts

Quilts are multi-layered textiles, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: a woven cloth top, a layer of batting or wadding, and a woven back, combined using the technique of quilting, the process of sewing the three layers together. Occasionally, the three layers of the quilt are tied together using evenly spaced knots rather than sewn. This unique process of binding three layers of fiber together distinguishes quilts from other types of blankets. Historically, quilts were frequently used as bedcovers; this use persists today, but in the twenty-first century, quilts are also frequently displayed as non-utilitarian works of art. (Wikipedia 2017)


"Percussion trio Tigue exemplifies the increasingly-rare DIY aesthetic that was once Brooklyn's signature sound. They've only officially been an ensemble since 2012, but the three Brooklyn-based, Ohio natives are so fully ingrained in the DNA of the post-collegiate, couch-surfing new-music community that it's hard to imagine them ever not having been here.

Then there's their sound, more that of a band than conservatory-sculpted ensemble. Yes, there are metric modulations and rhythms wound up like interlocking gears. There's the found-sound aesthetic of musicians who've internalized the philosophy and tactility of John Cage and Harry Partch (the group's bandcamp page lists coins, tin can, plastic bag and metal mixing bowl alongside their arsenal of drums, mallets and hand percussion). Headphone production for geeks who trade rare vinyl and draw parallels between Spectralist distortions in noise rock and contemporary music.

But there's also lots of sweat. Tigue honed their sound as much in indie-rock clubs and South Brooklyn non-venues as they did on stages at MassMoCA and the Bang on a Can Marathon. At least it sounds that way: it's hard to imagine that these guys don't see colors on the back of their eyelids when they're playing this. And as the album's indie-hero guest list – Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, Oneida's Kid Millions – implies, it's not exactly music meant for the performer/audience duality of a concert hall. It's meant for eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head Whirling Dervish levels of dancing, cut with electroacoustic/white noise interludes that mimic ecstatic exhaustion.

Ultimately, that's the most exciting aspect of "Peaks": the impossible-to-shake sense of community that the music conjures even when you're listening – and dancing –  alone." (Hannis Brown WQXR)

Approx running time — 60 Minutes


TIGUE & Adrian Knight - Day Trip

Day Trip is a modular duration performance/installation by Swedish composer Adrian Knight and the percussion trio Tigue.

Day Trip is a series of extended-duration musical pieces – five (plus an installation) by Knight and three by TIGUE – stitched together into a continuous production. The works include live performances, pre-recorded compositions and sine-tone installations. Day Trip is highlighted by the world premiere of Knight’s Occultations, co-commissioned by Avant Media and TIGUE for the occasion. Occultations combines micro-robotic toys (HexBugs) with traditional percussion instruments (floor toms), and an ever-changing counterpoint sine-tone drone accompanied by a fog and light show.

Approx running time — 2 to 10 Hours

Man forever + TIGUE - Play what they want

This is a new album-length set of material inspired by Moondog's deceptively simple canons (from his 1971 album II) and the aggressive multi-time signature percussion pieces from Man Forever's "Ryonen" that we've been performing over the last few years. The new music involves complex and evolving rhythmic patterns while singing vocal canons in harmony with each other.

Approx running time — 30 Minutes