The Program:
Cranes · Sitting · Triangle (2015) by Tigue ~ 20 min
Quilts (2016) by Matt Evans ~ 20 min
Drips · Dress Well · Cerulean · Ripped (2015) by Tigue ~ 20 min

"Percussion trio Tigue exemplifies the increasingly-rare DIY aesthetic that was once Brooklyn's signature sound. They've only officially been an ensemble since 2012, but the three Brooklyn-based, Ohio natives are so fully ingrained in the DNA of the post-collegiate, couch-surfing new-music community that it's hard to imagine them ever not having been here.

Then there's their sound, more that of a band than conservatory-sculpted ensemble. Yes, there are metric modulations and rhythms wound up like interlocking gears. There's the found-sound aesthetic of musicians who've internalized the philosophy and tactility of John Cage and Harry Partch (the group's bandcamp page lists coins, tin can, plastic bag and metal mixing bowl alongside their arsenal of drums, mallets and hand percussion). Headphone production for geeks who trade rare vinyl and draw parallels between Spectralist distortions in noise rock and contemporary music.

But there's also lots of sweat. Tigue honed their sound as much in indie-rock clubs and South Brooklyn non-venues as they did on stages at MassMoCA and the Bang on a Can Marathon. At least it sounds that way: it's hard to imagine that these guys don't see colors on the back of their eyelids when they're playing this. And as the album's indie-hero guest list – Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, Oneida's Kid Millions – implies, it's not exactly music meant for the performer/audience duality of a concert hall. It's meant for eyes-rolled-back-in-the-head Whirling Dervish levels of dancing, cut with electroacoustic/white noise interludes that mimic ecstatic exhaustion.

Ultimately, that's the most exciting aspect of "Peaks": the impossible-to-shake sense of community that the music conjures even when you're listening – and dancing –  alone."

— Hannis Brown, WQXR